#adventrunning 2016

In the run up to Christmas, I’ve been #adventrunning. It’s an exercise streak – it started as ‘run every day of advent’ but this year relaxed the rules a little bit, to allow for other forms of exercise (as long as you did at least 30 minutes per day).

The rule change meant I could count in my pilates mat class and studio session (although, to be fair to myself, my mat class does the full classical mat at this time of year, which can be exhausting – why Joseph Pilates felt it necessary to include so many teaser variations will always be a mystery…)

A streak is interesting. You do get tired, quite quickly, as you don’t get the recovery days that you would following, say, a marathon training programme. On the other hand, the daily discipline is good.

It was particularly good for me this year, as I found myself leaving my job in December; and the running worked off some stressful meetings, got me out of the office and, latterly, out of the house.

Also, the body does adjust. First week, I did three mile runs in the week, with two six milers at the weekend. Second week I was up to four miles in the week (one of them substantially downhill to recover!) Third week, I was back on the four, six, four pattern.

In total, I did just over 80 miles on the #advent running, and I’m now determined to make it to 100 miles by the end of the month. This may or may not be enough to run off the Christmas cake that also got baked, marzipanned and iced over the four weekends… but it should kickstart 2017. Bring on the next challenge!

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