Yorkshire Parkin, for Halloween

Parkin is a Yorkshire tradition at this time of year: a treacly gingerbread with oatmeal. It’s generally made as a tray bake about a week before it’s needed, so it goes sticky, and eaten on bonfire night.

But I’ve updated the idea by making individual cakes, drizzled with lemon icing to represent cobwebs, so it works as a Halloween treat…

[Recipe, from the BBC website: 110g of butter, brown sugar, self raising flour, 220g of oatmeal, syrup (I recommend half and half golden syrup and ginger syrup from a stem ginger jar), pinch salt, teaspoon of ginger, mixed spice (or more, for a bigger punch).

Melt the butter, sugar and syrup in a pan, pour into the dry ingredients, add the eggs beaten with a tablespoon of milk, pour into a tin, and bake until just firm and golden. Leave for a week or until sticky, and ice if desired].

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