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I have written many, many features over the course of my career, for publications that include my former employer, the Health Service Journal, The Guardian, Computer Weekly, and my present employer, digitalhealth.net.

To give a flavour of these, I have picked out a set of features that demonstrate different approaches and skills, all taken from the digitalhealth.net website.

Opinion and analysis: There are two examples of opinion and analysis pieces here and here [dealing, respectively, with the launch of health secretary Andrew Lansley’s ‘Liberating the NHS’ white paper, and NHS England’s subsequent ‘Five Year Forward View’ to “save” the NHS].

Review: There are two reviews setting out the background to struggling policy initives here (in two parts) and here [recounting, respectively, the troubled history of the National Programme for IT in the NHS from its optimistic launch to its twice-announced aboliton, and the equally troubled history of the present government’s care.data programme to expand and link NHS data sets].

Site visits: There’s more commercially focused piece of analysis here [dealing with the spread of electronic prescribing systems across trusts] and an account of a visit to see a piece of software in action here [the UK launch of Cerner’s maternity system at my local hospital, the Royal Hampshire County Hospital in Winchester.]

Interviews: Finally, there are two relatively recent profile pieces here and here [one with Roger Killen, the chief executive of a company called VitalPAC, and one with Chris Fokke, a clinician with an interest in IT, and one of the early members of our CCIO Network.]

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